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We are currently looking for experienced naked cleaners, of all ages (19 and over), nationalities, of all ethnic origins, and of all body types, who feel that they are right for freelance service jobs – in every town and city throughout the UK, for naked cleaning jobs (freelance, casual odd jobs – not full time).

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Some of our team make up to £1-£2k per month in additional income.

You will need to have cleaning¬†experience¬†and understand that you will have to undertake “light cleaning duties” while undertaking your job. You must also have confidence and a nice personality.

Nothing “other” than naked cleaning is expected of you when working as part of the Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” team, and our team pledge not to offer any services other than naked cleaning.

What we are looking for – please take the time to read

At “FOR YOU” Services and Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” we are searching for true professionals. We are searching for team members who enjoy cleaning, are confident and enjoy working with customers with character. Very importantly we are also looking for people who are professional and respectful of their job / role requirements. That includes individuals who arrive to their job on time, are discrete, service orientated (happy and positive with clients), responsive and available to our bookings team (i.e. don’t go AWOL), and wanting to strengthen the Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” name. We value working with great people, and your reward as a great Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU” team member can be considerable. We are great to work with, and want to work with good honest hardworking people. If you think you tick the above boxes, please fill the below form.

To see supporting information, see:

Safety and Security here

The Rules and FAQs for clients here

You are paid in cash, on arrival to our clients home. 

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